Gratitude Report:

Our Values in Action



To elevate and promote the highest quality early childhood development and education in Indian River County, focusing on economically challenged children and families.


The vision of Childcare Resources is for all children and their families to benefit from a high quality learning experience.

The vision of the Childcare Resources School is to create a community hub for high quality learning experiences.



2017 - 2018

Board of Directors

Susan Blaxill-Deal, President

Richard Giessert, President Elect

Katy Block Healy, Immediate Past President

Andy Williams, CPA, Treasurer

Carol Buhl, Officer At-Large

Pam Barefoot

Jeannette Corbett

Susan Donovan

Bill Furr

John Hendricks

Barbie Horton

Cindy Hultquist

Sara Labellarte

Joy Lambert

Karla Spooner

Shannon McGuire Bowman, MA, CFRE

Executive Director

Our values in action



We treat all people with empathy and sensitivity, seeking a greater understanding of the challenges we serve.

Thank you! Your compassion for children like Ella enables Childcare Resources to ensure Ella and her family have access to all the resources she needs to thrive: High-quality childcare, wellness screenings, parent education, and so much more.


We are dedicated to elevating Early Childhood Education programs to benefit children and families in Indian River County.

Thank you for your dedication to early childhood education. Your generosity allows Childcare Resources to help build courage in the teachers of more than 2,000 children like Ava through educational outreach programs.


We strive to instill hope and self-reliance in all stakeholders helping our students to thrive.

Thank you for providing hope! Your support enables Childcare Resources to nurture resiliency in children like Londyn through wellness strategies tailored for each child and family. Onsite therapy provides additional support to children in need.


We have a unified belief that fairness, trust, and honesty are essential to sustaining successful relationships and achieving results.

Thank you for believing in our students - and for believing in us. Your commitment to integrity allows Childcare Resources to instill trust and fairness in more than 125 of our county's youngest learners like Maxton.


We believe that fostering relationships is essential to empower our students and families to grow and flourish.

Thank you for believing that every child deserves the opportunity to grow and to flourish! Your support allows students like Jean and Marlaina to spend their early years in a true community of parents, teachers, and friends.

2017-2018 Financial Summary


In the 2017 - 2018  fiscal year, Childcare Resources operated a budget of $1.8 million. More than $440,000 was raised through contributions and more than $750,000 was received through grants. Net assets at end of year totaled $2,346,246.




Annual Fund Supporters


Pinnacle Scholars

$10,000 and above

Bernard Egan Foundation
Children’s Services Advisory Committee
David E. Retik and Christopher D. Mello Foundation
Davis Family Fund
Grand Harbor Community Outreach Program
The H&J IRCF Fund
Head, Heart and Hands of

Indian River Club
Mr. and Mrs. John Hendricks
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hultquist
Mrs. Susan Hunter and

Mr. Douglas Watson
Indian River Community Foundation
Indian River County Impact 100

John’s Island Community Service League

Kelsey Family Foundation
L and G Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lee
Matthew J. & Anne B. Smith Foundation
Nicklaus Children’s Health

Care Foundation
Quail Valley Charities, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William Scully
Mr. and Mrs. John Spooner
Ms. Helen Sarah Steyer
Syde Hurdus Foundation, Inc.
United Way of Indian River County
Van Otterloo Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Veeneman
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Young

Grand Scholars

$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Connors
Mrs. James Currie
George E. Warren Corp
Ms. Nancy Hopwood
J. M. Hopwood Charitable Trust
James Ford Bell Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lindsay
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Newhouse
Olivia Delacruz Foundation
PNC Foundation
Stork Foundation
Walter S. Johnson Foundation

Master Scholars

$2,400 - $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Barefoot
Mrs. Susan Blaxill-Deal and

Mr. Scott Deal
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Buhl
Mr. and Mrs. George Fetterolf
Hope Foundation of Indian River County, Inc.

Minotty Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William Munn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schneider
Sharaja Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Waddell
W. Peter Williams


$1,000 - $2,499

Mrs. Lois Appleby
Mr. and Mrs. James Archer
Ms. Trish Bailey
Mrs. Jane Binnion
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Block
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burgoon
Ms. Janet Caputo
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Carroll, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cauley
Ms. Jeanne Cohane
Colton, Williams & Reamy, LLC
Community Church of Vero Beach
Mr. and Mrs. John Corbett
Dale Sorensen Real Estate, Inc.
The Datha Gene Foundation
Mrs. Norris Ekstrom
Exchange Club of Indian River
Mr. and Mrs. William Friesell
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Glazer
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hammonds
Mr. and Mrs. John Harris
Harry Webster Walker II

Charitable Trust
Holy Cross Catholic Church
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hugin
Indian River County Sheriff’s Department
Indian River Travel,

Catherine Egan Gilet
J. McLaughlin

Mrs. Arthur Jacobsen

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Johnston
Kahle Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lees
Ms. Linda Lemmon and

Mr. Denis Conlon
Ms. Wanda Lincoln and

Mr. Richard Chadwell
Ms. Betty Ann Ludington
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mahony
Mrs. Christina Rhoads Marshall
Ms. Kathy Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory McLaughlin
Merrill Lynch: Nelson Morgan

Wealth Management
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Michael
Mrs. Reginald B. Newman, II
Mrs. Roberta Olsen
Peace River Citrus Products, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Proctor
Ms. Judie Robbins
Ms. Helen Taylor Robertson
Saint Augustine of Canterbury Church
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shriner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Steyer
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Swain
Vero Beach Rotary Charities Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Welsh
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wiksten
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Zern


$500 - $999

Mr. and Mrs. James Adams
Ms. Nancy Alderman
Ms. Erica Bauer
Bryson Family Fund
The Carwill Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cline, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Dillon
Mrs. Alexandra Estey
Mrs. Joseph Fahey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Furr
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gaertner
Ms. Erin Grall and

Mr. Michael Bielecki
Mrs. Mary P. Graves
Ms. Molly Butler Hart
Ms. Fenia Hiaasen
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Jones

Ms. Brenda Kelsey
Mrs. Doris Limbeek
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Lohuis
Ms. Dorothea Lucarelli
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lynn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. Alan McCord
Ms. M. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. David Morgan
Olivia O’Bryan
Mrs. Natasha Potter
Mr. and Mrs. David Pyles
S.A.D. Foundation
Ms. Linda Terry and Mr. David Utz
Vero Beach Global Advisors
Ms. Gail Williams


Up to $499

Ms. Angela Ahlf
Mrs. Janice Alfano
Mr. and Mrs. James Altieri
Ms. Clare Amato
Amazon Smile
Ms. Francine Ambrosino
Ms. Anne Anderson
Ms. Sally Smith Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Arden
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Arenson
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Arnold
Art Concept Alternative
Mr. Kevin Askin
Mrs. Carol Atkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Jaromir Babicka
Mr. and Mrs. William Bahrenburg
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Barr
Ms. Patricia Barry
Ms. Kerry Bartlett
Ms. Denise Battaglini
Mr. and Mrs. James Baumgardt
Ms. Andrea Beck
Ms. Nancy Beeh
Belle Cose
Dr. and Dr. Ray Benson
Bent Pine Golf Club
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bergeman
Ms. Elizabeth Biggs
Ms. Katherine Blackman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blanchard
Mrs. Tena Boehm
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bond
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brashears
Mrs. Nancy Briggs
Mr. David Brower
Ms. Deborah Brower
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brown
Mrs. Mary Sue Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown
Ms. Jan Browne
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Butz
Ms. Janice Calfee
Ms. Patricia Callaghan
Ms. Beverly Cambron
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Campana
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Campbell
Ms. Jennifer Cancio
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Canzoniero
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cawley
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Chaikin
Ms. Marilynn Chalder
Ms. Abbe Chane
Mr. Eugene Cheslock
Ms. Carol Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ciletti
Mr. and Mrs. John Clifford
Mrs. Wally Cole
Ms. Margaret Collins
Mr. and Mrs. George Connelly
Mrs. Eugene Connolly
Ms. Lois Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. Norris Cook
Dr. and Mrs. William Cooney
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cornett
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Corr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coughlan
Mr. Paul Coulter
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cravens
Mr. and Mrs. Neill Currie
Ms. Susan Curtis
Ms. Hynda Dalton
Daniel L. Thornton Trust
Ms. Alicia Davalos
Ms. Martha Davey
Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Davidson
Ms. Donna Davis
Ms. Maryanne Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dayton
Mr. and Mrs. John Deford
Mrs. Peter Diamandis
Mrs. Barbara Diemer
Mrs. Leanne Digby Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dill
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dillon
Mrs. Mimi Dimeling
Ms. Peggy DiSesa
Ms. Ann Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. John Doggett
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Doggett
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dolan
Mrs. Kingsley Dolan
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Donovan

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Downey
Mr. and Mrs. William Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Dritenbas
Ms. Lynn Dudgeon
Mr. and Mrs. William Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. James Edgar
Mr. and Mrs. Armund Ek
Ms. Rebecca Elberson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert English
Mrs. Ann Espy
Mr. and Mrs. John Essick
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Evans
ExxonMobil Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Falb
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Farrah
Ms. Joan Fay
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Feely
Mr. and Mrs. H. James Field
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Finestone
Mr. Steven Fischer
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Fischman
Mrs. Joseph Flaherty
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Floyd
Mrs. Florence Fowlkes
Mr. and Mrs. William Frick
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Frith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. James Gaede
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Garavaglia
Mr. and Mrs. William Gee
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Gefaell
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Generali
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gibb
Ms. Yvonne Gibbs
Mr. Richard Giessert and

Ms. Shelley Adelle
Mrs. Dorothy Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gilbert
Ms. Martha Glassmeyer
Ms. Ann Goodbody
Ms. Shelli Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. John Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. David Griffis
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Grimm
Mr. and Mrs. Marnix Guillaume
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Haines
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hall
Mr. Howard Halligan
Mr. and Mrs. George Hamner
Mrs. George Hamner, Sr.
Ms. Michele Harr (Lee)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Haverland
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Healy
Ms. Barbara Hegman
Ms. Kathleen Hendrix
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hennig
Mr. and Mrs. George Henninger
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Higgins
Ms. Grace Hinkley
Mrs. Emilie Hinman
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hobbs
Mrs. Aileen Hoguet
Ms. Tamara Holliday
Mrs. Elizabeth Huntley
Ms. Beth Hutchinson
Ms. Selden Illick
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Infante

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Iodice
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jacobs
Ms. Kathleen Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Tait Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Jones
Ms. Lori Josey
Ms. Karol Kaltenbach
Ms. Susan Kamer
Honorable and Mrs. Paul Kanarek
Dr. and Mrs. Garrick Kantzler
Ms. Diane Karper
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kasten
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kasten
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kastory
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Keeler
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kelly
Ms. Karen Kemmerer
Ms. Susan Kintner
Mr. Hugh Kirkpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Kite
Mr. and Mrs. Don Klein
Kmetz, Nuttall, Elwell, Graham, PLLC

Ms. Anita Kolleeny and

Mr. David Haynes

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Koontz

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kross


Up to $499

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Labellarte
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lambert
Mrs. Anne Lanier
Mr. and Mrs. Michael LaPorta
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth LaVine
Mrs. Pud Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Leahy
Mr. and Mrs. James Lenehan
Mrs. Mary Lewisy
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lieberman
Ms. Marcia Littlejohn
Mr. and Mrs. George Long
Ms. Susan Lovett
Ms. Adrienne Lower
Ms. Alma Lee Loy
Ms. Sheila Lumsden
Mr. and Mrs. David Lurie
Mrs. Tina Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Macauley
Ms. Debbye Mack
Ms. Laurie MacLachlan
Mr. and Mrs. Buzz MacWilliam
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Maggiacomo
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Maresi
Marine Bank & Trust Company
Ms. Margaret Marino
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Terence Martin
Ms. Allison Matsik
McCord Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh McCrystal
Mr. and Mrs. James McGee
Mr. and Mrs. Scott McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. William McKay
Ms. Mary Ann McKee
Ms. Sara McLean
Ms. Sandra McManus
Mr. and Mrs. David McNulty
Ms. Maureen Meaney
Ms. Ellen Mello
Ms. Suzanne Mellott
Mr. and Mrs. F. Weller Meyer
Ms. Joanna Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Michell
Mrs. Joan Miller
Ms. Mary Louise Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Milsten
Mr. and Mrs. F. Mita
Mr. Francis Mojonnier and
Mrs. Susan Tyler-Mojonnier
Mrs. Philip Moloney
Mrs. Martha Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Morein
Ms. Claudia Morgan
Ms. Amy Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mortimer
Ms. Katherine Mountain
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mullan
Ms. Veronica Murphy
Ms. Terry Necarsulmer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Neilson
Mr. Tom Nelson
Network for Good
Ms. Barbara Neubarth
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ofstie
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie O’Reilly
Mrs. Larry Orticelli
Mr. and Mrs. Hamish Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Otteson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Parent
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Parentela
Mr. and Mrs. John Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paul
Ms. Polly Perkins
Ms. C. Sue Perreault
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Petty
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Piper
Ms. Dianna Piumelli
Ms. Deborah Polackwich
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pollack
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Portell
Mrs. Susan Porteous
Ms. Marcia Poutiatine
Mrs. Walter Powers
Dr. and Mrs. E. Peter Prezzano
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Price
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Prindiville
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pritchard

Ms. Kristie Rae
Ms. Danielle K. Rainone
Ms. Trudie Rainone
Ms. Karen Reams
Ms. Lane Reardon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reisman
Ms. Sandra Rennick
Ms. Mary Ellen Replogle
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Richey
Ripp Family Foundation
Mrs. Lenora Ritchie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ritter
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roof
Ms. Marilyn Rooney
Mr. and Mrs. John Rovick
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ryall
Ms. Darlene Ryder
Ms. Patricia Santagata
Ms. Jeannie Saver
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Schaaf
Ms. Suzanne Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. William Schmitt
Ms. Carolyn Schrader
Mrs. Kathleen Schulke
Ms. Sara Schupf
Ms. Darlene Scott
Mrs. Suzanne Scully
Ms. Ellen Sedgwick
Mr. and Mrs. William Seely
Ms. Ruth Anne Seni
Ms. Michelle Servos
Mr. and Mrs. George Sharpe
Mr. and Mrs. H. Clay Simpson
Ms. Elizabeth Smith and
Mrs. Shelley Smith
Mr. and Mrs. P.M. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Solar
Ms. Tracy Sorzano
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Soufleris
Mr. and Mrs. James Sourbeer
Mr. and Mrs. John Spilman
St. Mark’s Anglican

Women’s Group
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Stafford
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Starr, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Stasik
Mr. and Mrs. Norval Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Sternberg
Ms. Lida Stifel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stiles
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Stork
Mrs. Wendy Streetman
Ms. Ann Strupp
Ms. Mary Struthers
Mrs. Christine Talbot
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tamoney
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Teetz
Mrs. Ann Tharpe
Ms. Tamara Theoharis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas
Ms. Mary Tomlinson
Treasure Coast Pilot Club
Mr. and Mrs. Burton Tremaine
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tribus
Mr. and Mrs. Stevan Trooboff
Mr. and Mrs. John Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tulloch
Ms. Marge Turpin
Ms. Aggie Underwood
Ms. Marjorie Van Houten
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Van Dervort
Ms. Suzanne Vitunac
Mrs. Joan Volkert
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Waddell
Mrs. Anne Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Walsh
Ms. Margaret Walsh
Ms. Jordan Wassell
Ms. Valerie Watkins
Ms. Margaret Watson
Ms. Jane Watts
Mr. and Mrs. William Weyrauch
Mrs. Cynthia Wigton
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Williams
Ms. Dorothy Woodward
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wurzer
Ms. Ouida Wyatt
Ms. Amy Yeitter
Ms. Kathy Young
Mr. and Mrs. George Zabrycki
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Zanger
Ms. Cynthia Zans
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Zollenberg

In-Kind Donors

Bent Pine Country Club
Creative Floors of Vero Beach, Inc.
Community Church of Vero Beach
Cowboy Custom Handyman Service
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Donovan
Elite Airways
First Service Residential
Head, Heart and Hands of Indian River Club
Kidz Closet Charities
Leigh Jewelers
Maitland Farm Preschool
McKee Botanical Garden
Ms. Amy Morse
Ms. Maureen Nicolace
Omni Financial
PNC Wealth Management
Ms. Trudie Rainone
Riomar Country Club
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shriner
Shining Light Garden 
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Sorensen
Ms. Tracy Sorzano
Treasure Coast Pilot Club
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Veeneman
Walking Tree Brewery
White Orchid Spa
Ms. Ashleigh Whitfield



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