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Message from the Executive Director

Dear early education champion,
Each year at Childcare Resources culminates in graduation. At this ceremony, we celebrate our students and all that they have accomplished as they move on to kindergarten. This is an emotional day, as many of these graduates have been with us since they were infants.
As I reflect on their five years with us, I also reflect on all of the years of generosity we have received from incredible supporters like you.
As an advocate for early childhood education, you know the importance of the first five years. A child’s brain develops more connections, and at a faster pace, than during any other period of growth. The programs Childcare Resources provides – the programs you support – are crucial during this critical time. You are truly shaping the future.
This year, I wanted to look back at how your support has provided the positive experiences our graduates needed to be ready for success in kindergarten and further. You will journey alongside Ned, Luke, and Kairi as the Childcare Resources programs you have supported work together to build their brains and provide the foundation for future success.
Thank you for all that you have done, and all that you continue to do. I am so grateful.

Warm regards,

Shannon McGuire Bowman,  MEd, MA, CFRE
Executive Director



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From the Start

In the fall of 2018, infants Ned, Luke, and Kairi began the Childcare Resources enrollment process. Each child’s family met with a team of staff members to ensure the transition to a full-time early childhood education program would be a successful one. These meetings included general health and developmental assessments conducted by the Wellness and Early Intervention (WEIP) team.

The WEIP team continues to support each student as they grow and move through the school. WEIP conducts annual hearing and vision screenings, provides family engagement and education programs, and coordinates regular developmental assessments. When deemed necessary, WEIP also manages therapeutic intervention services. In the five years since the class of 2023 enrolled, 4,754 therapy hours have been held on-site at the Childcare Resources campus.


Growing, together

As Ned, Luke, Kairi, and their classmates grew into their toddler years, they were provided with the high-quality early learning experiences that build a foundation for success. To maintain best practices, Childcare Resources hosts professional development workshops that are free for early childhood educators to attend. Since the fall of 2018, 18 workshops have been presented, reaching 564 unique local early educators. These workshops have featured topics in art, math, literacy, fine motor skills, and more.

With the addition of the Higher Education Program, early childhood educators have been provided the opportunity to grow, too. Between the Fall 2018 and Spring 2023 semesters, 144 degrees and credentials were awarded to local early childhood educators through the program. 31 of those educators were employed by or volunteered at the Childcare Resources School.


Poised for success

Towards the end of their time at the Childcare Resources School, Ned, Luke, Kairi, and their classmates are ready for success. They have had high-quality learning experiences with knowledgeable, credentialed educators. The WEIP program has monitored their progress and provided assistance to each student and his or her family. The class of 2023 has had five years of foundational growth. They are ready for great things. And it's only because of you.

Through your contributions, Childcare Resources has built a comprehensive program that supports each child, but also supports that child's family, educators, and surrounding community. Because of your generosity, we are building a better tomorrow for all of Indian River County. Thank you for the graduating class of 2023. And thank you for the graduating classes of the future. 


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5 Years of Growth

In their last year of preschool, students are assessed in the academic skills needed to be successful in kindergarten. The assessment is conducted three times and monitors progress across early math and literacy. Skills assessed include:

  • Alphabet Recognition: matching uppercase and lowercase letters, matching sounds to printed letters, and knowing alphabetical order

  • Print Concepts: the ability to distinguish words from letters, and knowing how to determine word borders.

  • Phonemic Awareness: the abilities to rhyme, blend, and segment words

By the last assessment period, fifteen of eighteen students showed as academically on course for kindergarten readiness:

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Bernard Egan Foundation
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Christopher D. Mello Foundation
Grand Harbor Community Outreach
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Hammarskjold
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Indian River Club
Mr. and Mrs. John Hendricks
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Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hultquist
Ms. Susan Hunter and
Mr. Douglas Watson
Indian River County Children's Services Advisory Committee
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Ms. Wanda Lincoln
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PNC Foundation
Quail Valley Charities, Inc.
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