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Amanda Gooch

Amanda Gooch

September 1, 2023

Our recent training with Kristen Balhoff focused on supporting neurodiversity in the classroom. Together we explored the role of adults during children’s significant “brain building” years. We discovered the positive impact of shifting our perceptions from unconscious reflexes and emotional reactions to conscious, wise responses. We also reviewed practical strategies to nurture a felt sense of safety.

One of my favorite parts of the training was when we dove in deep on the significance of creating a Conscious Discipline School Family within our classrooms. When we create a School Family we are building connections through a culture of compassion. We create a positive school climate by eliminating reward and punishment in favor of the safety, connection and problem-solving. The Conscious Discipline School Family creates caring communities. Caring is a product of a community that deems all of its members important, believes everyone has something to contribute, and acknowledges that everyone counts.

How do we achieve this connection for Creating a School Family?

  • Face to face interactions

  • I love you rituals

  • Greetings or goodbyes

  • Wish you well rituals

  • Friends and Family Board

As your Early Childhood Education Coach, I am here to help you start each and every day strong with Active Calming. One of the many benefits of Active Calming is that it helps to clarify how we think, feel and act. Reminding ourselves that how we think dictates how we feel which dictates how we act. We are in charge of our own internal state, feelings and behavior. As adults when we are in our higher brain of executive functioning, we are able to problem solve instead of react.

Here are some examples of breathing techniques for Active Calming: STAR, Drain, Balloon & Pretzel

To learn more about Active Calming and Conscious Discipline breathing techniques, click on the link below:

Visit Website

Wishing you well,


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