Thank You. We recognize and appreciate all of our donors - large and small; past, present and future. Your support is critical to our efforts to enable young children and parents to prosper, and to elevate the professional skills of early childhood educators throughout our county. You make a difference!


Excellence in education is a national challenge. Study after study shows the United States mired “in the middle” of educational achievement globally. Meanwhile, evidence continues to mount demonstrating the benefits to children, and to their parents, of quality early childhood care and education. We operate our programs in compliance with national standards of “best practices,” and encourage others in our county to satisfy these standards.


Our programs are a “hand-up” to participating parents and children, not a “hand-out”. All of our families contribute financially to the quality care their children receive. As we increase the number of children served at our Central Vero Beach campus - we are also able to reduce the cost per child, owing to the fuller utilization of the facility.


We are also expanding the ways by which we “reach out” to childcare teachers and educators in the county in order to assist them in their professional development and their delivery of quality education. They, in turn, are making the necessary sacrifices to achieve their goals.


We honor all our donors in annual reports. We have recently established programs for “Major Donors” and for “Legacy Donors,” and are continuing to benefit from the generous commitments of our capital campaign donors. We are honored to receive grants from many fine organizations and will continue to apply for, and hopefully receive, them.  Even with this considerable support, though, we also depend heavily upon general donations.


To all, we humbly ask that you continue your generosity in support of a most worthy cause. You make a difference!

A Message to our Donors - Past, Present and Future

You Make A Difference!



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