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A preschool girl in a police officer costume.
The name Hannah

Studies show an average return over time of $4 for every dollar invested in high-quality early education.

In certain circumstances, that return can be as high as $13.

Your investment today will empower opportunity for students like Hannah!

A preschool boy dressed in an astronaut costume
The name 'Alexander'

Investing in early childhood means investing in Alexander's future!

Long term benefits of high-quality early education include:

  • Better health outcomes

  • Increased self-sufficiency

  • Increased productivity

A preschool girl dressed as a doctor
The name 'Sarah'

Nearly 90% of brain growth happens during the first five years of life!

During this critical period of development, Childcare Resources provides high-quality care for children like Sarah.

A preschool boy dressed in a military costume
The name 'Kaden'

Through high-quality early childhood education, children like Kaden develop workforce skills such as

  • motivation

  • persistence

  • self-regulation.

Your gift today will help empower opportunity for children like Kaden!

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