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Childcare Resources’ CREATE program hosts local author Debbie Clement

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Childcare Resources recently hosted local children’s author, illustrator, and songwriter Debbie Clement in an event for students and alumni of the Childcare Resources Education, Advancement, and Training for Early Educators (CREATE) program.

A woman stands at the front of a room.
Local author Debbie Clement presented her newest book, 'Mighty Wings'

Clement presented her newest book titled ‘Mighty Wings.’ Developed during the pandemic, ‘Mighty Wings’ is an arts-based book that documents the journey of the monarch butterfly in a scientifically accurate way.

Throughout the evening, attendees explored how to integrate the book’s theme of conservation into classroom activities developmentally appropriate for early childhood. Taken together, the activities involving books, sign language, art materials, and music support emergent literacy in young children. Each attendee received a signed copy of ‘Mighty Wings’ and a monarch butterfly prop.

A row of women sit at a table, holding their hands in the air.
Educators explored sign language, music, and art materials.

"Having the opportunity to work with dedicated early childhood professionals from across our county was such a gift,” said Clement. “Leading these same professionals through an open-ended art project was the absolute cherry on the top of a perfect evening.”

A row of women sit at a table. Each is looking at a bright picture book.
Educators used 'Mighty Wings' as the basis for classroom activities.

The CREATE program partners with accredited colleges and universities throughout Florida to enable early childhood professionals to reach their next academic milestone, ranging from a staff credential through a master’s degree. Additionally, CREATE offers enrichment sessions to provide instruction on specific topics relevant to course material.

“Debbie Clement’s enthusiasm and interactive hands-on approach to learning are highly contagious,” said Amy, a local center director who earned a credential from the program in 2017. “She inspires me to be a better leader for staff and children.”

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