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Early educators explore classroom environment, importance of play in Childcare Resources workshop

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Dozens of local early educators joined The Importance of Early Experiences, Childcare Resources’ most recent live virtual workshop. Funded by Indian River County’s Children’s Services Advisory Committee, the workshop featured Lisa ‘Ooey Gooey Lady’ Murphy, an experienced educator and early childhood specialist. Having previously presented in Childcare Resources’ Excellence in Early Education seminars, Ms. Murphy made her virtual return to Vero Beach after more than a decade.

Over the course of three sessions throughout the day, Ms. Murphy highlighted the importance of early education as well as the benefits of creating child-centered environments. Using her own first day of school and decision to become an educator, Ms. Murphy reached out to participants about how and why they decided to become educators.

“If you have drifted away from your ‘why,’ it becomes exhausting,” said Ms. Murphy. “What is your students’ memory of this place going to be?”

Educators also took an in-depth exploration of how to be a hands-on, play-based program that supports learning and builds kindergarten readiness as Ms. Murphy outlined her nine-point approach to working with children and creating a child-centered environment that promotes learning.

A woman holding up a drawing of an apple.
Lisa Murphy engaged local early educators in discussions about the classroom environment and the importance of early experiences.

“We can set up an environment that is ripe for crystallizing moments,” said Ms. Murphy, referencing moments that can have a lifelong impact. “Are we taking the time to have real conversations with our students?”

Childcare Resources’ next live virtual workshop, Trauma Informed Care, features Dr. Peg Oliveira, the Executive Director of the Gesell at Yale Program in Early Childhood. The workshop will be held on January 23, 2021. Registration is currently open at

Childcare Resources of Indian River, a partner agency of the United Way of Indian River County and Indian River County Children’s Services Advisory Committee, elevates and promotes the highest quality early childhood development and education in Indian River County, focusing on economically challenged children and families. To learn more about Childcare Resources, visit or call 772-567-3202


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