Program Video (2018) Transcript

Alison Armstrong, Program Parent, Childcare Resources of Indian River

Childcare Resources helped me, personally, because I was a single mom, working part-time, struggling to find a babysitter every other day so I could try to work. And when she started here, I was able to finally make the money that I needed and be able to support her myself and be able to get her into a better education program.

Shannon McGuire Bowman, Executive Director, Childcare Resources of Indian River

We currently have 124 children in our program. 70 of those children are at our school, and the other children are at our contracting centers spread throughout the county. Our school and the contracting schools that we work with have their national accreditation and we do this to ensure that the children in our program receive the very best care. Our national accreditation is through NAEYC – the National Association for the Education of Young Children – and it is truly the gold standard, best practice for early education.

We have a very successful program, and that’s not only because of the wonderful academic component that we have, or that we’re addressing the children’s social-emotional needs. I think one of the biggest reasons for our success is the support that we give our parents. Everyone on our staff is here for our parents in any way that we can be helpful. Four times a year, we host parent success workshops with a variety of topics that are of interest to our parents. The topics we cover include things about healthy habits, sleep, nutrition, teaching early literacy skills in a fun way with your children.

Childcare Resources has had amazing growth the last five years, and we’ve done so by looking at the needs of the early education community here in Indian River County and coming up with innovative, research-based programs that really meet the needs of our community. We strive to be the hub for high-quality early education. We provide additional services that touch children throughout Indian River County whether they are in the Childcare Resources program or not. In fact, our footprint has grown and we now reach about 4,200 children. Each year, we provide four professional development workshops open to any early educator here in Indian River County at no cost to them. With grant funding, we’ve been able to bring in experts in the field of early education from all over the country. Typically, 150 to 200 early educators attend each of these workshops.

Two years ago, we wanted to expand our professional development program, and we did so by adding a coaching component. We now have two early education coaches on our staff who can go to any childcare center in our community who requests it and help implement the strategies learned at our professional eveleopment workshop. Our coaches also help with any other needs that the teachers may have in the classroom, such as classroom management or curriculum development. These ladies are hands-on, boots-on-the-ground in preschool classrooms all over our community modeling best practice in early education.

Stephanie Herrera, Director, Roseland Christian Preschool

Well, the collaborative partnership with Childcare Resources has helped our school, and the teachers, the parents, the children, everybody, because it’s an opportunity for them to bring quality into what they do in the classrooms, and that’s extremely important. At our preschool, Roseland Christian Preschool, we have ten teachers and all of the teachers participate in the trainings that Childcare Resources offer. Again, that instills the quality into the program for us. The teachers learn so much, they bring it back, they share the knowledge.

One of the trainings Childcare Resources has provided for the teachers in the county is Conscious Discipline. The teachers come back to the classroom, and I always find something new that they’ve implemented, and I’m just so proud of that. I know that they’re listening, and they’re getting it, and they’re sharing it. It’s so important, the children must learn to get along with their peers in a structured environment, so I can’t say it enough – parents need to send their children to preschool. By the time they get to kindergarten, they’ve missed all of that.

Shannon McGuire Bowman, Executive Director, Childcare Resources of Indian River

Last year, we were awarded a grant through Impact 100 to begin a transformational program. We created a way for early educators to earn their staff credential in a unique way. In partnership with Indian River State College, we created a program to allows early educators to earn their staff credential in a fast and easy way. We recently celebrated graduation for our first twelve graduates.

Kelly Bowen, Assistant Teacher, Roseland Christian Preschool

I teach, my classroom in the morning, I have about 14 children and that’s the three-year-old class, and then in the afternoon, we have about 18 children, and that’s our VPK class. The skills that I have learned have definitely made me a better teacher. One of the trainings that I went to, it was about music and movement and getting them more involved and using more of their body, actually, you know, widens their minds.


The C.P.E.E. program was seventeen weeks, and it was three days a week. You did two classes the first few weeks, and then you did two classes at the end and your practicum and, um, any of that would have taken probably close to two years to try and get. I was able to take everything that I learned in the credentialing program and bring it back to the classroom that Monday.

Shannon McGuire Bowman, Executive Director, Childcare Resources of Indian River

Early education is not just about academic programming. If we want our children to thrive, they have to be healthy. This is the reason we started our new wellness program this year. We now have a registered nurse on our staff who’s meeting with each of our families as they enter the program and helping them to navigate the healthcare system to ensure that all of their needs are being met whether that be dental, mental health, physical, immunizations. Our wellness coordinator also helps those families when their children need additional therapies.

In fact, we find about 20 percent of the children in our program are in need of these additional therapies such as speech, occupational, behavioral, and mental health. So we found that many of our families were having a hard time getting their children to therapy during the workday, because our families are working full-time or going to school full-time. So that was the reason we built out two state-of-the-art therapy rooms on our campus, so now the therapists come to our campus and the children receive these essential services while they’re with us throughout the day.

None of this would be possible without the dedication and leadership of our Board of Directors, volunteers, and generous supporters.

Alison Armstrong, Program Parent, Childcare Resources of Indian River

We found out about the center through a family. Sierra was not even a year old and she definitely has grown immensely since the beginning of it all. Every single milestone has pretty much happened here. At the beginning, it was a little bit more rough, just because it’s always been me and her every day. Even at the time, I wasn’t working full time, but because of her being able to come here, I was able to go to work full-time and actually go back to school. She’s learning to read now. She’s got her alphabet down, her numbers. Without Childcare Resources, I would have never been able to afford any type of daycare by myself.