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We are so proud of the students, families, and educators that participate in our programs. Join us in celebrating the stories of:

Meet Alison & Sierra

When her daughter was an infant, Alison realized that something needed to change.

“I was a single mother struggling to find employment that would provide Sierra and I with what we needed,“ says Alison.

After learning about the early education program offered by Childcare Resources, Alison quickly enrolled Sierra when she was nine months old.

“Childcare Resources helped Sierra come out of her shell,” says Alison.

During Sierra’s time at Childcare Resources, Alison made the decision to go back to school in addition to working full-time, earning an Associate’s Degree in General Education.

In 2018, Sierra graduated from the Childcare Resources School and moved on to kindergarten. Alison also graduated that same summer, having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

Today, Alison is a Certified Child Welfare case worker and works in the adoption unit of a statewide nonprofit. Sierra recently started fifth grade at a local elementary school, where she is thriving.

“During her last school year, Sierra received awards for improving on math and reading skills almost each quarter,“ says Alison. “Sierra also plays softball and recently participated in the county-wide track meet.“

“Without you, I would not have been able to fully support myself and Sierra. I would not have pushed myself to go back to school at all,“ continues Alison.


“Childcare Resources helped Sierra grow into the smart, independent, and loving child she is today.“

Alison in 2018.

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Alison and Sierra Today.jpg

"Without you, I would not have been able to fully support myself and Sierra. I would not have pushed myself to go back to school at all."


Alison, a program parent

Meet Gladys

Local early childhood education center director Gladys Williams has long been committed to furthering her knowledge and education. Attending Childcare Resources’ director networking meetings and professional development workshops, Gladys has worked hard to better serve the children, families, and educators she supports.

When she first heard about the Childcare Resources Higher Education Program, it was the clear next step she had been waiting for.

“Being a part of the Higher Education Program was an experience of excellence,” says Gladys. “Networking with students gave me strength and encouragement in my craft.”

This past spring, Gladys graduated from Indian River State College, having earned her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education with the help of Higher Education Program staff.


Says Gladys, “I am excited to remain involved with the program to further my education and capabilities.”


"Being a part of the Higher Education Program was an experience of excellence."


Gladys, a local center director

NAEYC Accreditation

This spring, the Childcare Resources School successfully renewed its accreditation with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). From the earliest days of placing students in partnering schools, the focus of Childcare Resources has been on the high level of quality that NAEYC accreditation indicates.

“One of the main missions of Childcare Resources was to have quality preschool, and we felt the best way to provide for that quality was for our schools to be accredited with national accreditation, which was NAEYC,” says co-founder Sherry Waddell. “The priorities that I felt were very important were teacher-child ratio, parent involvement, and the curriculum.”

Through the generosity of donors like you, Childcare Resources has flourished and grown, establishing our own preschool more than a decade ago. Through your continued support, the Childcare Resources School first earned accreditation through NAEYC in 2013 and successfully renewed in 2018.

“Renewing our accreditation affirms so many things about our school and staff,” says Tara Beard, Childcare Resources School Director. “It indicates that we use a developmentally-appropriate curriculum, employ well-trained teachers, use quality materials, and provide a healthy classroom environment.”

By renewing NAEYC accreditation, the Childcare Resources School joins an elite group of fewer than 6,000 preschools nationwide that obtain this accolade.

“NAEYC-Accredited programs have committed to a process that takes time, energy and dedication to complete,” states Alissa Mwenelupembe, NAEYC Senior Director Early Learning Program Accreditation. “Childcare Resources has demonstrated their commitment to young children and their families.”


The Childcare Resources School renewed national accreditation for third five-year term.

NAEYC accreditation renewal

Meet the Ducklings

the Ducklings

Meet Calix

A boy lays on his back, smiling up at the camera

Calix in 2021. View Transcript

Calix, a current student

Meet Maileigh

Almost a decade ago, Maileigh was in desperate need of childcare. She was a full-time student, finishing a Licensed Practical Nursing program, and she needed a place for her four-month-old daughter, Ava.

When she discovered Childcare Resources, Maileigh was excited to enroll in a high-quality year-round program. 

“It’s wonderful to have staff that I trust to leave my children with daily,” says Maileigh. “They are like an extension of my family.”

During her time at Childcare Resources, Ava flourished. When Ava’s younger brother, Avery, was born in 2019, Maileigh was able to enroll him at the school.In addition to childcare, Avery has benefited from physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

“Childcare Resources has provided the support I needed to be sure my children’s developmental needs are met,” says Maileigh.

While her children succeeded at Childcare Resources, Maileigh began to thrive in her career.

“Shortly after I enrolled Ava, I started working as an LPN PRN,” says Maileigh. “In 2022, I graduated with my Associate’s in Nursing. I hope to graduate with my Bachelor’s in 2025.”

Today, Ava is in third grade, excelling in both reading and math. Avery is still a student at the Childcare Resources School and will move to kindergarten in 2024.

“My children have received a phenomenal start to their education,“ says Maileigh. “I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my career goals and continue my education if it wasn’t for you.”

A woman, her daughter, and her son stand together at the beach

“My children have received a phenomenal start to their education. I wouldn't have been able to pursue my career goals and continue my education if it wasn't for you.“

- Maileigh

Maileigh in 2017.

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Maileigh, a program parent

Meet Kayte

When Kayte first applied for a substitute teaching position at Learning Nest, she didn’t know that she had found her new career.

As a new teacher looking for support, Kayte quickly found Childcare Resources’ outreach programs. She began attending the professional development workshops and working with one of the early education coaches.

When she learned that Childcare Resources also offered the opportunity to earn credentials and degrees in early childhood education, Kayte enrolled in classes right away.

“I was a young mom, and school seemed out of the question for me many years ago,” says Kayte. 

With assistance from Childcare Resources staff, Kayte became eligible for incentives, receiving tuition reimbursement and paid time off to attend school. She was even able to purchase a laptop to help with her studies, her first time purchasing such a luxury.

“In three years, I was able to earn my CDA staff credential, my Director’s Credential, and just recently I earned my Associate’s Degree,“ says Kayte. “I finally graduated doing something I love. Thank you for the help you give to everyone that wants to pursue their dream.”

Kayte has since been promoted to Director of Tiny Treasures, Learning Nest’s sister school. 

“Kayte is a great asset to our school,“ says Rachna Handa, owner of Learning Nest and Tiny Treasures. “She has set new standards for everyone on our team.”

A woman in a graduation cap and gown holds a sign saying 2022 Graduate

“Thank you for the help you give to everyone that wants to pursue their dream.“


Kayte, a local educator

Meet Abby & Olivia

Abby enrolled her infant daughter Olivia into the Childcare Resources School after separating from her partner. With affordable childcare made possible by supporters like you, Abby was able to attend college full-time while Olivia received high-quality childcare. We were able to provide referrals to Abby and her partner to receive counseling regarding family struggles, helping to resolve those issues, and they have since married.


Olivia was able to receive therapeutic intervention in Childcare Resources onsite therapy rooms, while her parents focused on school and work. This past summer, Abby graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and is now employed as a teacher in our community. In August, Olivia graduated with the necessary foundation to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.  Olivia has also been able to continue her important therapeutic services on our campus after school. 


With your investment, Olivia was able to receive high-quality childcare, therapeutic interventions, and build the needed foundation to ensure a bright future. You also allowed for Abby to achieve her career goals, become a homeowner and build a thriving family in our community.

An infant sits, holding a book
A preschool girl in a graduation cap and gown

 “I wish every parent and child could experience the benefits of what quality early education does. These are the most transformational years- they set the tone for a lifetime.  I’m so thankful my daughter was able to attend Childcare Resources. Thank you to everyone who made this possible”

- Abby, Program Parent since 2017

A girl and her mother sit together outside
Abby, a program parent

Meet Naomi

Naomi is just one of our amazing 2022 graduates! While that means the end of her time at the Childcare Resources School, it means she is beginning her journey into elementary school and beyond.

Because of your support, Naomi has been able to attend our high-quality early childhood education program since she was just seven months old. Naomi excels at meeting all of her developmental milestones and we can’t wait to learn about her future successes!

From her infant class with Ms. Kathy, through her one-year-old class with Ms. Colleen, twos with Ms. Fio, threes with Ms. Sadie, and finally her four-year-old VPK class with Ms. Marilyn, Naomi has been provided with high-quality learning experiences. These experiences culminated in Naomi exceeding expectations and being ready to begin kindergarten with a solid foundation prepared to take on any future challenge with confidence.

“Childcare Resources provided me with the stability I needed to advance in my career. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing. I expect to graduate in April 2023.


From the school staff to the class families, I have received so much encouragement and support. This support has carried me through many difficult times and I could not be more appreciative. 

Childcare Resources helped my child find a home away from home. We love the staff and the families we have grown to know over the last five years.”

-Kayeshia, Naomi’s mother

An infant girl
A toddler girl stands outside
A girl in a graduation cap and gown holds a sign that says Kindergarten, Here I Come
Naomi, a graduate

Meet Gianna

Gianna began in the Childcare Resources (CCR) program when she was around 9 weeks old. From a physical standpoint, during her time at CCR, Gianna learned to crawl, walk, and run—developing fine and gross motor skills that help her both hold a pencil for writing and pedal a bicycle.

From a less visible but equally important mental standpoint, Gianna’s brain built millions of synaptic connections, with nearly 85% of brain development happening before the age of five. During these first years, Gianna learned how to communicate with the big world around her through language. She practiced letters and sounds with teacher-led activities and learning experiences during her days at the CCR School.

While Gianna was in school, so was her mother, Victoria. The affordable high-quality childcare provided by CCR allowed Victoria to work full-time and attend school part-time, and, as a result, she gained skills that helped her advance in her career. Victoria is now pursuing her Bachelor's in Organizational Management.

A woman and her daughter sit on the floor

“Childcare Resources helped me achieve my personal and professional goals. It has also allowed my daughter to learn and grow in many aspects of her childhood. As a result, Childcare Resources has greatly benefited both of us.”


Gianna, a graduate
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