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Professional development workshops offer knowledgeable presenters and exciting topics to provide you with new and helpful strategies for your classroom.
Workshops are

  • free to attend

  • specifically designed for early childhood educators

  • open to all educators in Indian River County

Workshops provide

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Stay tuned for more information on upcoming workshops! To view previous professional development opportunities offered by Childcare Resources, view our Past Workshops page.

  • What are the school's hours?
    The Childcare Resources School is open Monday through Friday, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.
  • What is the school's license number?
    The Childcare Resources School's license number is #C19IR0002
  • What qualifications do teachers need?
    In addition to background screening, all of our teachers are required to obtain an FCCPC or CDA staff credential within one year of being hired.
  • Does the school have classroom volunteers?
    Yes! Childcare Resources has a dedicated group of volunteers that are a valuable part of our school family. Our volunteers do everything from playground cleanup to serving lunch to providing one-on-one attention in classrooms. Childcare Resources policy is that a staff member is always present when a volunteer is working with a child. All volunteers are screened in the same manner as school staff.
  • Is there a parent handbook?
    Yes, you can view the parent handbook here.
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