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Childcare Resources School

The Childcare Resources School opened as the Education Center in 2009.  The School was first accredited by NAEYC in 2013, and renewed the accreditation in 2018. An expansion in 2020 added additional classrooms. Students at the Childcare Resources School also have access to a fully-equipped playground, garden area, STEAM room, and on-site therapy rooms. The School's license number is #C19IR0002.

  • What are the school's hours?
    The Childcare Resources School is open Monday through Friday, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.
  • What is the school's license number?
    The Childcare Resources School's license number is #C19IR0002
  • What qualifications do teachers need?
    In addition to background screening, all of our teachers are required to obtain an FCCPC or CDA staff credential within one year of being hired.
  • Does the school have classroom volunteers?
    Yes! Childcare Resources has a dedicated group of volunteers that are a valuable part of our school family. Our volunteers do everything from playground cleanup to serving lunch to providing one-on-one attention in classrooms. Childcare Resources policy is that a staff member is always present when a volunteer is working with a child. All volunteers are screened in the same manner as school staff.
  • Is there a parent handbook?
    Yes, you can view the parent handbook here.
The exterior of a building with a large tree in front of it
A teacher sits with a young child at a classroom table
A playground with a swing set and jungle gym
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