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What does Starfest Support?

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Starfest helps fund the high-quality programming provided by Childcare Resources. With a budget of $2,891,231, Childcare Resources works to support early education across three key areas including providing childcare, teacher training, and family support. Although substantial support from local sources offsets program costs, we rely on generous local funders and private philanthropy. Programs supported include:


An illustration of children playing with blocks

High-Quality Childcare

Childcare Resources, and all contracting centers, are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Accredited schools meet ten standards and use a curriculum that builds growth-promoting classroom environments. Such classrooms provide children with the ability to practice necessary academic and life skills.1


An illustration of a teacher and students working out

Wellness &
Early Intervention

Childcare Resources offers program parents mental health referrals, educational activities, and temporarily covers tuition for families in crisis. When families are supported and engaged, children are able to thrive.2


An illustration of a teacher and students planting things in a garden


Childcare Resources offers multiple opportunities for teacher training including coaching, credentialing, and professional development. Teacher qualifications positively impact achievement of their students.3


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2. Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University (2021). Three Principles to Improve Outcomes for Children and Families, 2021 Update.

3. Barnett, William. (2003). Better Teachers, Better Preschools: Student Achievement Linked to Teacher Qualifications. NIEER Preschool Policy Matters, Issue 2. 2.

In the interest of maintaining quality, Childcare Resources operates efficiently: 84 cents of every dollar raised directly supports program services.

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