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Early Educator Coaching

A coach is an empathetic, encouraging, and experienced educator who can help you with curriculum and classroom recommendations, program structure, interacting with parents and staff, and more! First, you’ll identify goals for your classroom or teaching style. Together, you and the coach will discuss strategies to help you reach those goals. After implementing the new strategies, you’ll meet with the coach again for feedback.

Early education coaches also facilitate Communities of Practice, where educators come together to support one another and learn as a group.

All Childcare Resources coaching staff is certified through the University of Florida Lastinger Center.

Two woman stand in a conference hall. Between them is a sign that says Welcome to summer institute!
A teacher sits with a young child at a classroom table
A playground with a swing set and jungle gym

More from the coaches

April 1, 2023

As teachers we are more than just employees, but rather a part of a family.

A group of students sit with their teacher at a classroom table

March 1, 2023

The Simple Interactions Tool provides a common, descriptive language to talk about interactions in practice.

A man sits at a classroom table with a boy

February 1, 2023

Simple interactions provide opportunities for children to safely explore, test out, and try new things

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