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Childcare Resources celebrates literacy to fight ‘summer slide’

Childcare Resources’ recent summer literacy program was anything but ‘fishy’! Students explored and celebrated “Only One You,” written and illustrated by Linda Kranz. Throughout the book, Adri the young fish learns wisdom from his parents: “No matter how you look at it, there is so much to discover.”

Students at the Childcare Resources School discovered that wisdom along with Adri. After classroom reading, students from three years old through five years old created their own fish through art projects, then made and enjoyed gelatin fish bowls. Students also received their own copies of the book to continue the celebration at home with their families.

A group of preschools paints sitting at a picnic table in a playground.
After reading ‘Only One You,’ Childcare Resources students were excited to paint rocks to make fish like Adri.

Childcare Resources’ literacy program was established last year through a summer program funded by the United Way of Indian River County.

“As part of our Education Impact area, we have made supporting summer literacy initiatives a priority,” said United Way of Indian River County’s Chief Operating Officer Meredith Egan. “United Way of Indian River County is thrilled to invest in Childcare Resources’ summer literacy program to ensure that more children are exposed to reading and enrichment opportunities over the summer months, fostering their success in school and in life!”

The literacy program works to fight ‘summer slide,’ where children may lose academic skills throughout the summer. According to the National Summer Learning Association, children can lose up to three months of both math and literacy skills during the summer months. Children who experience multiple summer slides may end up three years behind their peers as early as fifth grade.

Three girls sit at a picnic table painting rocks.
Childcare Resources students mix colors of paint to make their fish.

“Our students get so excited for these literacy celebrations,” said teacher Marie Heaton. “It’s wonderful to watch them learn not only how to read, but to love reading.”


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