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Childcare Resources Higher Education Program Facilitator attends early learning conference

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Elizabeth Swann, Ph D, Childcare Resources Higher Education Program Facilitator, recently attended the One Goal conference in Tampa. With the theme Building the Future Together, the conference brought together more than 900 early education providers and leaders from across the state of Florida.

“Hearing firsthand what opportunities the federal landscapes have for our early education teachers allows me to bring this knowledge into our current programming for teachers and directors,” said Dr, Swann. “I was also able to witness and support our Indian River State College faculty in their impressive, sold-out conference sessions.”

Three women stand in front of a banner that says One Goal Summer Conference.
Childcare Resources Higher Education Program Facilitator Elizabeth Swann, Ph D, left, attended the OneGoal Summer Conference in support of IRSC adjuncts Juelanne Perry, center, and Rachael Moshman, right.

The Childcare Resources Higher Education Program partners with institutions including Indian River State College (IRSC) to provide local early childhood educators the opportunity to earn a credential or degree relevant to their profession. IRSC Early Childhood Education adjuncts and active partners in the Higher Education Program Rachael Moshman and Juelanne Perry presented sold-out sessions as part of the conference’s Mental Health/Managing Behaviors learning track, with both presenters noting the importance of stress management for teachers and students alike.

“Over 75% of teachers reported chronic stress,” said Moshman, who presented Laughing in the face of stress: A practical guide to Laughter Yoga. Perry, who presented Self-Active Play as a form of Self-Care, noted that “Self-active play with freely chosen, open-ended, process-based materials allows players to rest and rejuvenate through the creative process of play.”

In addition to supporting Higher Education Program partners, Dr. Swann found valuable resources regarding the changes in the Teacher Education and Compensation Helps (TEACH) program. Funded by the Florida Office of Early Learning, TEACH provides financial support for early childhood educators working towards earning credentials or a degree in early childhood education.

Dr. Swann remarked, “By being afforded this opportunity to learn about the latest changes to the TEACH scholarship, I am now more informed and a better support for our community’s early educators and center directors.”

For more information on earning a credential or degree in early childhood education, please visit


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