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Amanda Gooch

Amanda Gooch

April 1, 2023

It was incredible seeing those of you who were able to join us at Childcare Resources’ most recent professional development day featuring Rhonda Meyers of Heartfelt Impressions Learning Centers.

For those of you that weren’t able to join us, our training focused on the importance of parent engagement and the Five Languages of Appreciation.

So what are the Five Languages of Appreciation and what do they look like in the workplace? 

Languages of Appreciation are comprised of five individual and unique elements that demonstrate how positive work culture and appreciation can go a long way. It also shows us that people show and receive appreciation in different ways.

You can improve your ability to convey appreciation by knowing your options. By knowing how to express appreciation and identifying who in your workplace responds well to what can help you tailor your approach and reap the rewards.

As teachers we are more than just employees, but rather a part of a family that supports each other both personally and professionally.

The language of workplace appreciation easily crosses over to parent engagement. Let’s talk about how these two elements are connected. Getting parents more engaged in school is a necessary variable in the equation of student success. In fact, parent engagement can have a direct impact on student engagement itself. Multiple studies (Henderson, A. & Berla, N.) prove that students whose parents are actively engaged in their schooling typically show greater social skills, better reported behavior and easier adaptation to school.

Read more:

To learn more from the National Education Association and how to help guide yourself and your school in making outreach decisions in order to increase parent engagement, please click on this link:

As your Early Childhood Education Coach I am here to help you focus on parent engagement and work as a collaborative team to enhance your practice. By using the Five Languages of Appreciation we will also focus on ways in which to create parent conversations to enhance child specific strategies and skills. These elements of the home/school connection will become more valuable to us as we use them in engaging parents and providing learning opportunities for effective teaching with their children.

When using the Five Languages of Appreciation in conjunction with parent engagement we are showing parents and their children that they are seen, valued, and connected. This in turn deepens a sense of meaning in all of our lives.

Wishing you the best,

Amanda Gooch

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