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Children sit next to each other on a classroom carpet. One child has her hand extended, thumb raised.


Paulette Maggiacomo

Paulette Maggiacomo

April 24, 2020

As we enter what seems to be week number 1,973 of Florida’s Stay at Home Order, stress levels are keeping us moving between our survival and emotional states. Many remarkable educators are presenting webinars and posting tips on how to lower stress which will help us reach the executive state.

Looking back on professional development workshops that Childcare Resources has presented, I immediately thought of Dr. Maryln Appelbaum who has joined us two times. Who can forget her vivacious personality and amazing laugh? Remember how we all tried to imitate her? Well, you can go to YouTube to hear her teach us that laugh.

One of the topics she spoke about in our November 2016 workshop, Five Things Every Educator Should Know, was the importance of self-care and providing ideas on how to boost spirits in a snap:

  • Start your day by setting your emotional radar. Pay attention when thoughts weigh you down. Zap those thoughts by saying – This too shall pass, I can handle it, I am not stuck at home, I am safe at home.

  • Remember that you are not alone - we are all in this together. Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends, and family. Use Facetime and Zoom so you see each other.

  • Slow down – give yourself time to stop, breathe, and relax.

  • Forgive yourself if you can’t do every single thing you’ve hoped to do. You are doing your best.

  • Enjoy nature – we are blessed to live in this beautiful state. Take a walk and really notice the beauty around you.

  • Focus on the present – Most people spend less than 1% of their time living in the present. Enjoy the moment.

  • End your day by reflecting on the good that you did.

With apologies to Dr. Appelbaum, I modified the last two lines of the song she ended with (somehow, I don’t think she would mind). I hope it resonates with you – say each line twice:

I am special

Yes I am

I can handle this

Yes I can

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