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Children sit next to each other on a classroom carpet. One child has her hand extended, thumb raised.


Paulette Maggiacomo

Paulette Maggiacomo

November 2, 2020

Spread the news, shout it from the rooftops…..Lisa Murphy, ‘the Ooey, Gooey Lady’, will be presenting at our virtual workshop on Saturday, November 14th from 9:00 – 3:00!!!

Lisa is an active and engaging storyteller, people who have attended her workshops often ask her if she is a stand-up comedian on the side. In her first session, What If Today Was Their Only Day?, she will take us on a grand tour of Miss Mary’s Nursery School which she attended when she turned 3. It was then and there that Lisa decided to become a teacher. She will identify the how, and why, that one day solidified this decision. Lisa will ask you, What is Your Why? What would your children remember if it was their only day? What would be their memory of you? Will they take your joy and love of teaching with them?

Now that Lisa has re-energized us as to why we do what we do, her next session will focus on Identifying and Creating Child Centered Environments. Lisa believes in developmentally sound, play-based, child-centered, hands-on early childhood environments that are grounded in best practice. She will lead us through the twelve principles of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) which is needed for a high quality childhood environment – our ultimate goal.

In the afternoon, Lisa will talk about a topic that is close to my heart and I am sure to yours as well, The Importance of Early Experiences: How playing IS school readiness. She will discuss how a foundation of play supports the house of higher learning and the seven things we must do with children each day. PLAY as we know is essential for children to succeed. I am hoping that Lisa will discuss how to deal with the ‘wolves’ at our door who do not see the value of play. Once we able to articulate the ‘why’ of play, the ‘wolves’ will retreat.

I invite you to spend the day with us. Connect with other early educators via zoom. Sometimes we all need a reminder of just how important our jobs really are!

A teacher sits at a table with a group of preschool students. They are playing with small toys.
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