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Childcare Resources Celebrates Week of the Young Child

A child stands in a grassy area surrounded by bubbles

Earlier this month, Childcare Resources School celebrated Week of the Young Child alongside 60,000 early childhood education advocates nationwide. A week filled with special learning experiences and themed days, Week of the Young Child was established by the National Association for the Education of Young

Children (NAEYC) more than fifty years ago and is based on raising awareness for the importance of early childhood education and development.

A boy leaps through the air, swatting at a bubble
Childcare Resources students enjoy a field of bubbles during Bubble Day.

The NAEYC-accredited Childcare Resources School highlighted the learning and growth of children with developmentally appropriate activities that strived to engage students in fun and creative ways. During Bubble Day children were immersed in sensory play and were introduced to concepts like surface tension. Developmental benefits of bubble play include visual tracking and fine motor skills, both important lessons in coordination, body awareness and postural control.

Messy Art Day encouraged children to harness creativity and collaboration through outdoor art projects, while Wacky Wednesday emphasized their critical thinking as children dressed up to learn concepts such as compare and contrast.

Four children stand on canvas, bright paint on their hands and feet
Messy Art Day saw children express creativity through collaborative outdoor art projects.

“Week of the Young Child was such a great experience for our school to come together as a school family and celebrate early education,” said Sadie Collet, Childcare Resources Assistant School Director. “It was great to see all the families participating in each day’s theme. Our families and volunteers who visited the school throughout the week were able to see how we implement the NAEYC standards as well as our curriculum in fun and engaging ways.”

By celebrating the Week of the Young Child, Childcare Resources is proving their dedication in ensuring that early childhood education and development is in the spotlight. The special play-based activities held throughout the week aid students at Childcare Resources to develop critical-thinking, problem-solve, make decisions, and be creative, and reminds our community of the importance of learning through play during these early years.

A preschool class surrounds a table. On the table are vegetables and fruit.
In the Duckling four-year-old classroom, early educator Marilyn Brock teaches students about food during Tasty Tuesday.


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