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Childcare Resources retains security consultant

Childcare Resources, in an effort to continue providing a safe school for students, parents, and staff, recently retained a consultant to provide in-depth training on emergency response skills.

Marc Connolly, Executive Vice President of Secure Education Consultants, worked to assess emergency preparedness and conducted hands-on training with Childcare Resources staff. Connolly, with a background of twenty-seven years in the United States Secret Service, discussed skills useful before a crisis starts to occur, emphasizing environmental awareness and knowledge of emergency procedures. He also discussed the “fight, flee, or freeze” responses that occur during a crisis, pointing out that it is crucial “to recognize when these things start to happen, because they can impact your ability to navigate the situation.” After training, Childcare Resources staff participated in a lockdown drill to test response skills.

A man stands in front of an audience.
Marc Connolly of Secure Education Consultants conducts emergency preparedness training.

Childcare Resources first retained the services of Secure Education Consultants in early 2016 following the grand opening of the new location of the Childcare Resources School. Connolly noted that refreshing knowledge and skills is crucial when it comes to emergency response as “people do not rise to the occasion, they sink to the level of their training.”

“We appreciate this preparation,” said Tara Beard, Childcare Resources School Director. “Invaluable training like this allows us to maintain the highest level of safety in our school.”


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