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Childcare Resources retains security consultant for on-site training, advocacy event

Childcare Resources recently brought together community stakeholders and supporters for From the Secret Service to Securing Schools, an informational event hosted at Riomar County Club. Featuring former secret service agent Jason Russell, the Founder and President of Secure Education Consultants, the event highlighted Russell’s work over the past decade in helping schools and childcare centers to develop security plans.

A man stands at a podium, addressing a seated audience.
Jason Russell speaks with community stakeholders and school district members about emergency preparedness.

In 2015, Childcare Resources worked with Russell to help enhance and implement a deeper security plan for its school, staff, and children, and were thrilled to be able to bring him back to speak with the community. “You want schools to stay schools with a learning environment conducive to that,” said Russell. “But you also want safety and security to operate, and you want it be a big priority.”

Two women and a man stand together
Childcare Resources Board President, Jennifer Peshke, Jason Russell, and Executive Director, Shannon M. Bowman.

Russell and Secure Education Consultants strive to build environments in which children are safe, secure, loved, and inspired to learn. “Communication is key,” Russell noted. “I was going into childcare centers and asking teachers what they would do in a crisis. Most didn’t know.” Because of this, Russell has made it his mission to prepare teachers.

The morning after this month’s event, Russell instructed a security training and emergency preparedness seminar for all of Childcare Resources’ teachers and staff. As difficult as it can be to discuss, Russell communicated the importance of emergency protocols and the need for active-shooter training for schools. “Our kids and our teachers are dealing with a different landscape,” said Russell. “But the coolest thing about my job, is that when I start training teachers, I can see their protective instincts rise, only stronger.”


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