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Center stage at Starfest

Thank you for supporting early childhood education for children in our community! 

“The backbone of the entire American infrastructure has been built and rests on early educators,” said Coy Bowles, multi-platinum music star of the Zac Brown Band and early education advocate. “Every kid strongly stands on a foundation built before they were seven years old.”
More than 400 people joined Coy and Childcare Resources to support early childhood education at this year’s Starfest luncheon and evening events. 
Held at Riomar Country Club on Friday, February 2nd, Coy discussed how the framework of a strong foundation in early years fosters resiliency and healthy development in children. Through music and storytelling, he touched on the significant impact an early educator can make in a child’s life. 
Evening attendees witnessed the compelling story of Kim, a program parent. She detailed the many ways in which Childcare Resources helped set up the foundation for her children’s success and her own professional success. 
“I am proud to have my family be a part of this program,” she said. “Where Childcare Resources continues to put the children and family’s needs first.”
From heartfelt live music to spirited conga lines, Coy’s inspiring presentation will leave a memory and message that attendees will not easily forget.
“I have toured so many wonderful schools across the country,” Coy remarked. “But Childcare Resources is a shining example of what all the other schools are working to perfect. It is clear as day. Your investment is making a difference.”

Center stage at Starfest

You help families thrive!

Your generosity helped a local family build the foundation for success.

When Covid hit, Kim was new to Florida with a one-month-old son. The days were tough and lonely as a single mother. 
“Everything was shut down and I was struggling to find good quality childcare. I wanted a place that would be safe to bring Julian on a daily basis,” says Kim.

After learning about the early education program offered by Childcare Resources, Kim did two things: she enrolled Julian in the school and applied for a teaching position. 

“To come to work every day while also being present for my child’s educational journey was a blessing.”

During Julian’s first year enrolled at Childcare Resources, the Wellness and Early Intervention director suggested to Kim that Julian be evaluated. 

“My quiet, clumsy, sweet boy who was scared of loud noises quickly began to stand out,” says Kim. “It turned out that Julian needed speech, physical, and occupational therapy.”

Julian was quickly enrolled in a wellness program and on-site therapists worked diligently with him to reach developmental milestones. After only a year and a half, Julian graduated from the wellness program, no longer needing braces during physical therapy. 

“Now that we are two years into therapy, Julian is thriving,” says Kim. “Childcare Resources made it possible for him to remain on track in his education. He will be starting VPK in the fall and I cannot believe how much he has grown and overcome.”

“Childcare Resources has done so much for my family,” continues Kim. “I never feel alone. I am proud to be a part of this organization and beyond grateful for the care and attention my children receive.”

Kim and Julian
Meet Kim and Julian

Spotlight on Giving

Founders' Award 2024 Honoree Carol Buhl

Attendees at the Starfest luncheon were treated to the presentation of the Founders’ Award bestowed upon Carol Buhl. This well-deserved recognition highlights her unwavering dedication and long-term commitment to the mission of Childcare Resources.

Carol’s impactful contributions extend beyond her active involvement in the Program Committee and the professional development of teachers in Indian River County. She also takes the lead in overseeing the Wishlist program, a heartwarming initiative that gathers and thoughtfully sorts donated gifts, ensuring program students enjoy a truly magical holiday experience. 

Congratulations to Carol for her outstanding efforts and well-deserved recognition! 

Founders Award_edited.jpg
Founders' Award: Carol Buhl

You uplift local educators!

“Thank you for the reminder that my role as a teacher actually matters.”

The Starfest weekend continued at the Childcare Resources’ Professional Development workshop where Coy Bowles presented to more than 125 early childhood educators, representing more than thirty local childcare centers and organizations.

Coy’s workshop centered on gaining an understanding of the key factors at play when investigating the root causes of success and fulfillment. He urged attendees to share the reason they became educators in the first place.

For Katherine, this was simple. After graduating high school, she planned to get a teaching degree, but getting pregnant at a young age made this goal harder to achieve. After two decades of working to make ends meet as a single mother, Katherine followed her original dream and applied for a teaching position at Learning Nest. “I was beginning a journey which I thought could never happen at my age: shaping the minds of the next generation through love and education.”

With the help of Childcare Resources’ Outreach programming, Katherine now has her CDA credential and associate degree. She plans to continue with a master’s degree in early childhood education. 

“This job truly is the most rewarding one out there. The smiles and laughs of the children are the reason.”

Professional Development_edited.jpg
PD 1_edited.jpg
You uplift educators!
30th Anniversary

Through your generous and continued support, Childcare Resources is celebrating thirty years of providing and promoting high-quality early childhood education for children throughout Indian River County! We’ll be sharing more about our anniversary celebration plans soon, but there are plenty of ways you can get involved right now:

  • Take a tour! Bring a friend and tour our state-of-the-art school.

  • Become a volunteer! You can brighten a child’s day!

  • Learn more about how our endowment fund secures the future!

To learn more about any of these opportunities, please contact Tiffani Atteo: 772-567-3202 ext. 102.

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