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Childcare Resources moves programming online

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

April 13th marked the start of a new week of school, and for Childcare Resources students, the start of a new way to go to preschool. Due to continuing social distancing measures, Childcare Resources opened a virtual classroom for each classroom in the Childcare Resources School. Staffed by teachers and early education coaches, each virtual classroom gives students the opportunity to learn and to reconnect with both teachers and classmates.

Teachers and students in a virtual classroom reading a book
Students, parents, and teachers read a book together in a Childcare Resources virtual classroom.

“The children are so excited to see each other and their teachers again,” says School Director Tara Beard. “We have always emphasized that we are part of a school family and you can truly see that connection.”

Programming that supports early educators in the community has also moved online. In addition to weekly email communications, the organization’s two early childhood education coaches are working remotely to continue helping local teachers through phone calls and video conferencing.

“Our meetings have been so powerful,” says Early Education Coach Paulette Maggiacomo. “Each participant has shared the trials that they are facing and it was clear to see that we are there for each other.”

Childcare Resources is currently inviting community members to stay home and support education by participating in the Stay Home Soiree by making a contribution to Childcare Resources and, the night of April 16th, relaxing at home. All proceeds will enable Childcare Resources to continue elevating and promoting high quality childcare in Indian River County.


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